February 9, 2009

HEART ver.3

Heart Installation by VRO in Progress. Geometry on the left (in each image) is revised Heart.

I started modeling Heart to quickly visualize this complex surface in relation to the site -for example, to check clearance, cable hanging locations, and ring sizes.

In the beginning, this minimal surface modeling itself was challenging, but now I think I got CATIA model under control for fine tuning the geometry. And working closely with engineers, we found that previous version (right in each image) had problems finding form since three rings are set perpendicular to each center cable. Three arms should have kept tangency to cables that meets at connection point to the ceiling.

February 5, 2009

Double Tsumuji

**Tsumuji = Hair Whorl

image1, 2, and 3

What if there are multiple Tsumuji points on surface to effect the filed condition? Solution is to create a field condition per a Tsumuji point, and to VectorAdd the each effected normals. As shown in above, image2 shows the field for cyan Tsumuji point, and image3 shows the one for red Tsumuji point. In image1, cyan and red vectors are added to get the result vector direction.