December 1, 2006

Phoenix AZ

Finally my Christmas! Ryan's family is very relaxed and welcoming. Sitting in front of fire place or lying on the carpet, all I did was reading Ryan's Japanese books.

The third picture is the installation by Cornelia Parker I found at Phoenix museum. Since my studio did hanging beer installation, I have become more interested in installations/sculptures. Though I really liked the exhibition, what made me disappointed was the black rope running in front of the art piece. I know it has to keep people out, but it could have been the tape indication on the floor. An art piece needs a physical context to be experienced by audience. The fact that it cannot communicate just through an artist's idea makes art much more interesting.

4A Final

This was the first time that I teamed up with somebody in studio till all the way to the final project. And first time that teacher let us play with our own concepts. Being on my own without the framework of the studio agenda made me see my weakness and strength. And thanks to Ye, I became comfortable with a whole different way of approaching architecture.