August 30, 2007

LA Building and Safety

Here I am at LA Building and safety. Anxious to see what plan checkers have done to my drawings. It was... not bad AT ALL. I think I can manage to pick up those corrections before leaving the office for the fall semester.

August 26, 2007

Rendering Update

力作です。 Finding NEMO も夢じゃない。 :)

Law office interior remodeling (see picture)

Atsushi gave me some tutorial on mental ray rendering that I would like to share with people. He said without the following, nothing counts as rendering.
Now I understand where grad folks' renderings come from. The basic idea is to add a shading img onto a mental ray img via Photoshop Multiply. Shading img adds solid presence to objects in space.

After setting up a nice perspective shot...

___*Hide all glasses
___*Turn off all light source including img based lighting

___*A) create maya nodes: Surface Shader
___*B) create mental ray nodes: (under Texture) mib_amb_occulusion
___*drag B with MMB on top of A and re
lease it to select default
___*for B, Sample: 16~200 /Max distance (to be adjusted)

___*check off Default light
__Max sample: 2
__Color contrast: 0.02, 0.02, 0.02, 0.02
__Multi-pixel: Lanczos (speed) /Gauss (quality)

Shading quality changes according to Max distance

(from left) Max distance 100, 40, 10

August 20, 2007

Parametric Affect Final

Final for CATIA seminar is to come up with "A" facade system that coordinates with flat, single curve, and double curve surfaces. The condition is to let surface curves stay developable in order to produce laser-cut models.

Most likely my surface is not developable, but I found a way around. When I designed a instance, I controlled Perimeters to prevent instances from overlapping with center line (INPUT), which enabled me to make following models without glue...(except the places that started cracking). Since I was used to export *.iges from MAYA to RHINO for laser cutting, I was totally ready to clean up hundreds of mini lines to create profiles, but CATIA was great. *.iges from CATIA was clean and continuous.


August 9, 2007

Public Art

oops! oops!! oops!!! UrbanRock was just notified today that we've won a public art competition. Stapleton Poolhouse courtyard decoration it's time to get serious. We have to take our own pictures to make images again. hmmm... why everything happens at the end of summer? I might end up working on this project during semester as well.

August 8, 2007

Not Any More

My car got broken into again. Last time was radio. Stereo, jumper cable, and a case of 24 water bottles were gone this time. I can't come up with something more to take from my car except the car itself. It's hard enough to find a street parking around the place I live and it's not even safe, time to go back to biking habit.



早朝発見してただ、またか、と思いました。こういうことに慣れてしまうのも悲しい。慣れるわけがない。いつもと同じ朝食の準備の手順を間違い、いつも通りのシャワーの手順も狂った。コトを無意識に日常的にこなすのにはかなりの Peace of Mind が必要らしい。だから修行僧は毎日毎日水汲みや掃除、と同じ事を繰り返して悟りに到達するのだろうか。


August 7, 2007

Furniture Prototype

A quick rendering of final summer project (for me) @UrbanRock. Jeanine is funded by Woodbury to make a full scale prototype of her idea. When it comes to producing something full scale, it's all about setting priorities. Use available materials /hardwares from HomeDepot? Call all over the country to purchase specific ones
? or Should I finish shop drawings first? In the beginning I was hesitant enough not to nail down a solution, but I guess if I don't start somewhere, I never get to the end. "This door could be this or that and this even that..." doesn't produce anything. After finishing the Rhino model with given dimension, I jumped onto Excel to make a hardware schedule. Now I'm ready to go hunting hardwares. Just want to bring everything in good position before semester begins, but unfortunately plan checkers won't give drawings back to me till the end of Aug. Internship during a semester is rough, yet I can't let go of two sets of construction documents till I see them stamped by the city of Los Angeles.

Followings are the project I worked on so far. My plan is to put together a 11x17 portfolio of all the drawings I produced over summer (and previous semester).

-(CD sets) Law office interior remodel
-(CD sets) Type5 /second floor addition

-(CD sets) Backyard

-(Proposal) Stapleton Poolhouse
-(Shop drawing) Furniture Prototype

August 5, 2007

White Chess Set

Play it for as long as you can remember.
White Chess Set /Yoko Ono

Koko asked me what's the point of the piece, a moment after I streamed out how Yoko Ono's "White Chess Set" inspired me. Then instantly I found myself having trouble with objective explanation. Obviously Yoko Ono didn't intend to provoke professional players, those who remember every single hand from the beginning to check mate. White Chess Set is not a chess set. It could be any games, any gambles, any process, and life itself. It's OK to forget. You are supposed to forget. Work, keep working till you can't go any further. It's not even about weather you win or lose. Give it your best shot knowing you cannot complete the task.

ヨーコ・オノの作品が好きです。この blog の冒頭の詩も彼女の作品です。


確かに“昨日”済んだことについてだらだらと考えてしまうな。 /常に意識は今という刹那にだけあって時間は流れ続けるから“今日”を意識したことはないな。 /今という瞬間を有意義にこなせないなら当然明日も来ないだろうな。とここまでフムフム、と読ませておいて最後に


うわ、これもしかして自分次第じゃあないかと思える。びっくりしました、本当に。60年代に前衛芸術だと世間に認識され、実際に一見うさんくさいことばかり発表していたのに彼女は空の美しさにかなうアートなんてあるのだろうか と言い切ってしまう。ないですよそんなもの。

高校の時化学の先生が言っていました。“私数学も物理もできましたけどね、数学も物理もケムリはでないし、色は変わらないし、なめてもしょっぱくないし、爆発はしないしつまらなかったんですよ。苦手な人には似たような分野でしょうけど私は化学に神秘を感じました” と。ヨーコ・オノの作品が好きなことが、私にとって職業につながるかどうかはわかりませんが、解説や批評を読まずとも圧倒され、強く惹かれるもをどれだけ探せるかですね。