June 1, 2006


Visiting other countries is more fun if it is to see somebody I know. I visited Sky in Shanghai for a week. He was doing internship there. We walked around Shanghai half a day and the rest of the day, we sat down in a nice cafe to read and study. In Japan, people will pressure you to leave when customers are hanging out, but in Shanghai they didn't seem to care.

Internship in Tokyo

For this four-month summer break, I worked at Architecture office in Tokyo. It was a small office where I cannot even go to restroom without asking somebody to move. The residences I participated in designing also were amazingly small. Architects in Japan are extremely good at fitting everything in. Lot to learn from their tricks.

Meantime, I was hooked to Ballroom Dance and a team of Japanese comedian, Oriental Radio. I usually went home at around 11pm, took shower, ate, and watched those TV shows till 3 or 4am. And woke up at 8am to go to work.

On Saturdays and Sundays, I also worked at wedding receptions as a waitress. So from Mon to Fri, I sit in front of a computer. And Sat and Sun were labor days.
Thinking that I am one of Japanese that work too much, I still felt it was worth pushing myself during summer break to enjoy the feeling of being independent: It was the first time I made money through what I learned.