April 28, 2007

Short Break

Yes ! I'm done with Rendering for Mr.D's container houses. Took me a week after receiving the 2D CAD files. Not bad. I'm totally NOT ready to take an international flight in 6 hours...

いざ鎌倉!やっと内職終了致しました。晴れて日本に帰れますが、飛行機 3:00pm なのにSCI-Arc の机を片付けていません。荷造りもしてません。何でまたこんな...イヤハヤ。4/29~5/17 の間帰る予定ですのでお好み焼きよろしくお願いします :)


April 21, 2007

Undergrad Thesis

4/21 is the Undergrad Thesis presentation. I was helping one of them after I finished my final. He asked me to make animation clip that shows process and parametric logic of his project. I found that Maya HDRI+Environment makes decent rendering even as default.

Long time no Animation since my koinobori, the carp streamer...I enjoyed it a lot.

April 17, 2007

Complete Spring2007

Spring2007 is finally over. David and I took the semester easy, but I'm happy with the progress and outcome. Our final is a backyard farm that slaps onto a window of existing dwelling. Hydroponic network with the support of living machine grows crops, and people can access this 150sqft backyard by climbing out of windows.

I'm helping a thesis student, and planing to work part time with Mr.D (modeling and rendering) before I leave for Japan.

April 13, 2007

Construction Document

Done with Construction Doc! I really did everything in REVIT :) Actually, this was the C.D. I put together for my work. They use VectorWorks, so I traced the 3D model in REVIT again to reconstruct the sets of C.D. REVIT is pretty intuitive about everything I wanted to do in VectorWorks. It's a good feeling to get rid of seminars one by one with adequate attention and care. Now, only one more to go.

生後1ヵ月のボア♪友達のペット。爬虫類、両生類、嫌いじゃないです。あのひんやりした手触りと感情のこもっていない目。日本に行ってしまったSky のかわりに何かペットを飼えば?と最近言われますけど… 面倒見きれないよ。しばらく可愛がってた苔も枯れてしまったし。


April 2, 2007

Dragonfly construction

I wasn't aware of some students already started assembling parts together while I was working on digital models. I was overjoyed to see the precise cuts and folds. Craftmanship! The object appears pretty heavy so far, but I'm looking forward to see this sculpture hanging over the SCI-Arc gellary.

Look how precise the cut is! I also like the CNCed numbers on panels. Is it only the architect that feels beauty to these industrial detail?

April 1, 2007

Dragonfly Installation

Dragonfly wing Installation for Tom Wiscombe + Buro Happold. Here is how it looks like. We are on manufacturing phase. Short white lines are the location of bolts (which I manually put in by powerCopying...) No matter how challenging geometry we put into an architecture project, in the end, we are responsible for these nitpicky stuff. Location of bolts, thickness of panels, available material size, and et cetera...et cetera...

Digital Project with the help of scripting, lets architects keep those information under control. I can't even imagine using AutoCAD for the construction of Disney Concert Hall. The more the scale of the project is bigger, the more architect can benefit from optimization and automation.

But...just because I happen to be VERY much into D.P., it doesn't mean that I would like to go to China straight out of SCI-Arc to build another shiny skyscraper or stadium. Just because architect can do it, does it mean we should? My dilemma is that without agreeing the commercial aspect of "hot" architecture, still my interest is pointing at the career as high-end user of interfaces.

In the end, I would like to bring those technology into small scale projects like single family residences. Architects are not the best profession to make money I figured. Efficient business plan with the help of CATIA and other technology would allow architects to put more time into Schematic Design and Design Documentation phase. That's pretty much what I'm thinking of doing for up-coming thesis.