December 1, 2005

3A Origami

SCI-Arc 3A studio focuses on structural system and forget about enclosure, forget about restrooms, just span 300 feet. SCI-Arc undergrad core studios are organised in a way students can focus on one aspect of architecture at a time.

I worked on folded plate system because the semester was right after I visited Yokohama port terminal.


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ariadni said...

hello there,i had a look at your work and its really nice. COngrats! I am a n architecture student in London, and im currently dealing with the Yokohama terminal port. I need to make a folded plate structure (just the roof) for my design which will look very similar to the terminal. After i saw you work, and the fact that you already dealt with that, i would like you to give me some suggestions and advice if possible. Im currently doing a model(well im tryin..!) of the structure out of paper(like an origami style). Do you have any ideas? Thx a lot beforehand. Ariadni K.