April 1, 2005


Here is another one.

I was used to setting up lighting for picturesque renderings, but for animations, as soon as the camera starts moving, I see the other side completely dark. Adjusting the lighting is quite a hustle. On top of it, I waited to render this 6420 frames (3min 40sec) till last minutes, so I had to hijack whole 30 computers in a lab at Citrus Collage.

One spring day, a koinobori is flapping peacefully until he sees a butterfly. He becomes unhappy with his strings that tie himself to a pole. He tries to escape. No sooner he detaches himself from the pole than he finds out he cannot fly. He falls into a pond. He becomes really sad. Then he finds fishes swimming in the pond. He realized that he is a carp also. He starts swimming with them ...Next thing he knows, he is back at the top of the pole. Everything was a dream. He is satisfied his little journey and goes back to his daily life.

Music is from Hayao Miyazaki's Castle in the Sky.

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