July 12, 2008


こういうものパッとまとめておきたくなるあたり、SCI-Arc 卒だなと思います。

Playing around with the find closest script I posted previously, I have been growing bunch of trees. If I look only the final result, it looks sort of intimidating. But I start with the simple code like find closest, and kept adding more functions and intelligence. I also work this way when I have to figure out complicated powercopy.

If you look close, tangency of branches appear more smoothly in type02. This regards the order that code generates branches. It makes sense that more points the code takes into consideration in the beginning (like in type02), the more naturally tangency can grow.

I have to learn how to call function for some part of the script, otherwise, scripts I write are getting too long to post... If somebody is interested, please let me know.

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