January 17, 2007

Joe Frank

Sky and Dylan were listening to his shows quite often back in garage days. It took me while to start liking them, but now I'm so happy that I comprehend English to appreciate his shows.

"A Special Family" is one of my favorites. With slow music against intense pacing, he talks about a life of a girl who does not spend happy childhood. When she grows up, she marries a man who has lived in a shadow of his superstar brother. With the desperate hope of not making a same mistake that their parents made, the couple PLANs out their unborn children's happy life maticulously. But they make every single mistake they could ever make and the family falls apart in the end. The short plotline shows the sense of irony that audience clearly understands what those protagonists are doing wrong. Just fabulous!

Ryan's parents said that raising children is like playing pin-ball game where only controling method is to prevent balls from going one extreme or the other.

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