April 28, 2007

Short Break

Yes ! I'm done with Rendering for Mr.D's container houses. Took me a week after receiving the 2D CAD files. Not bad. I'm totally NOT ready to take an international flight in 6 hours...

いざ鎌倉!やっと内職終了致しました。晴れて日本に帰れますが、飛行機 3:00pm なのにSCI-Arc の机を片付けていません。荷造りもしてません。何でまたこんな...イヤハヤ。4/29~5/17 の間帰る予定ですのでお好み焼きよろしくお願いします :)



Danielle said...

oh yuki yuki..where are you?

i can't wait to see you and the little pinguinos(hopefully)

until then,


settcount said...

Hey Yuki these are really cool.

We are doing a short stint at Summer School at Otago Uni Design Studies with Vectorworks and your blog came up. We have to make a home or business structure using shipping containers. Really impressed with your work keep it up.


Peter Robb