April 1, 2007

Dragonfly Installation

Dragonfly wing Installation for Tom Wiscombe + Buro Happold. Here is how it looks like. We are on manufacturing phase. Short white lines are the location of bolts (which I manually put in by powerCopying...) No matter how challenging geometry we put into an architecture project, in the end, we are responsible for these nitpicky stuff. Location of bolts, thickness of panels, available material size, and et cetera...et cetera...

Digital Project with the help of scripting, lets architects keep those information under control. I can't even imagine using AutoCAD for the construction of Disney Concert Hall. The more the scale of the project is bigger, the more architect can benefit from optimization and automation.

But...just because I happen to be VERY much into D.P., it doesn't mean that I would like to go to China straight out of SCI-Arc to build another shiny skyscraper or stadium. Just because architect can do it, does it mean we should? My dilemma is that without agreeing the commercial aspect of "hot" architecture, still my interest is pointing at the career as high-end user of interfaces.

In the end, I would like to bring those technology into small scale projects like single family residences. Architects are not the best profession to make money I figured. Efficient business plan with the help of CATIA and other technology would allow architects to put more time into Schematic Design and Design Documentation phase. That's pretty much what I'm thinking of doing for up-coming thesis.

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