November 18, 2007

Figure Drawing

fifth week

third week

first week

I just finished Sat. morning Figure Drawing Workshop. The instructor said that he'll teach again next semester! It's pretty helpful and inspiring.
I had been to a couple of sessions but not the ones with instructions. Before, I was embarrassed to draw a FACE because I know that it'll turn out horrible. But the workshop got me up to the level that I can keep going. No stress because it's just for fun. As long as my slight confidence makes me feel that I've been improving, motivation itself will push me even further.

毎週土曜に通っていたデッサンのワークショップ終了。三週間で裸婦らしきものを捉えたものの顔が描けませんでしたが、四週目“顔”、五週目“影” のクラスを終えてなんとか素人芸に毛が生えました。それらしくなってきました。上達するのは楽しいです。プロポーションはまだまだ練習が必要ですが、ラインのクオリティーがすごく良いと言われます。昔、書道をやっていたことに関係があるのでしょうか?

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Anonymous said...

Very talented Yuki :)