February 22, 2008

Endless Brainless Work

Midterm coming up on Monday.
で.. きま. し... た。。。

モデルには瞬間接着剤 Zap-A-Gap を使っていましたが、制作開始後3日経過。何だか様子がおかしい。科学薬品の臭いが強過ぎて頭痛にだるさ、なにより ぼ~っ としてしまう。この状態で運転中 DUI (Driving Under Influence 飲酒/ドラッグ) の疑いで捕まってしまったら申し開きのしようがないんじゃないか?



明けぬれば くるるものとは 知りながら なほ恨めしき 朝ぼらけかな。


Hawaii4u2c said...

Nice model! It reminds me of when we first met at the LA airport and gently put the model you hand carried on the plane in the trunk of Sky’s’ car.
I hope you can forgive me. Now when I see how serious you are in making the models I realize it was a bad joke when I told you I put your suitcase on top of your model.

I know many students at SiArc work very hard on their models. It would be interesting
For some student to do a research project and see what becomes of these models after say five years.

YukiukiH said...

Mike-san, Grad to hear from you.

I managed to fix the model and took some pictures. Five years? I'm pretty sure that most of them got thrown away by then...

Please say hi to Toshi-san :)