February 7, 2007

Digital Project

It's right after an intense Digital Project lecture by Cristiano Ceccato (Gehry Technologies).

写真のとんでもない建物は LA Disney Concert Hall。Frank Gehry という人がこんな物を建てようと言ったのがいけないのですが、とにかくスタッフ一同はこの前代未聞のカタチを実現するために飛行機のプロダクションに使われていたソフトを利用しました。それが私が最近首を突っ込んでいる Digital Project です。最先端の技術だったものがようやく学生層に浸透しつつあるということでしょう。

People from Gehry Technologies say "We are not dealing with aeroscience, D.P. is pretty simple and straight forward."... It doesn't look like so yet to me, but anyway I'm learning. New thing I found out is that D.P. is oriented for production, not only for designing. Maybe D.P. is not as flexible as MAYA in terms of generating forms, but D.P. organizes and materializes each component of buildings (structure, enclosure, electricity, piping...etc)

Here I am, messing around with D.P. Long way to go...

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