February 7, 2007

Revit Tutorial

The plan is to do Construction Doc. with Revit. This is another BIM software. I usually don't like competing with others when I'm about to launch myself on new software. I need to take time and mess with it. But learning one by myself is not really fun either I figured.

I downloaded Tutorial clips (http://www.dgcad.com/Index.htm). Unfortunately, the lecturer was not as good as Digital Tutor.
Way too slow. He couldn't even Osnap to the reference points. I took the file to Premiere to speed it up.

Anyway, many things are going on here. Vectorworks, Digital Project, and Revit (...and Moss) ...I always had been "one thing at a time" person, but I guess INTERFACE boys inspired me last semester. While I'm spinning @full capacity, something else is changing. I usually don't misplace things, but now everything is all over the place. I can't get mad at Sky for losing my pens. I'm barely capable of keeping track with my keys. Maybe I should go back to my fannypack :P

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