March 18, 2007

OASYS midterm

David and I just finished studio Midterm. The potential of 150sqft. We proposed the dwelling that embed living machine as a system to support a person to live self-sustaining life in a city. Plants (exterior) and Moss (Interior) cover the unit to maintain comfortable micro climate. The unit also carries the Hydroponic garden. Each unit is designed to fit into the different conditions of the site: Alley, Rooftop, and Side.

Alley Condition and
Rooftop Condition are independent units to which an inhabitant doesn't have access from inside of existing building.

Side Condition is accessible from existing building through the windows. This proposal seemed to be the most appealing to juries, since it has a potential to be a backyard for city living. While Alley and Rooftop Condition are parasite to the existing buildings in terms of additional load of structure and extended pluming, the Side one does have benefit to the room that the unit is connected.

We are going to develop this scheme further as:
Air filter, Sound Screen, Curtain, Hydroponic Garden, Floating Backyard, Graywater Recycling System.

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