March 1, 2007

Advance Structure

Power Copying

Here are some iterations of origami surfaces. The challenge was (except the manual powerCopying...) how to set up spikes NORMAL to the surface. Basically, those are done by manipulating sin curve functions (to control the curvature of surfaces). Deformation nodes are the followings.

-the span of sin curve
-number of waves
-repetition of waves
-height of the creases

-acceleration of curvature angle (by law)

By the way, I think FoG stands for Function of Graph. Better guess than Frank O Gehry...

Another pattern generation. It's from Yokohama Port Terminal by FOA.

一枚目の写真は横浜の大桟橋です。彼らが何のソフトを使って建設のプロセスを簡略化したのかはわかりませんが、私は Digital Project で真似してみました。このソフトは“どんな形にしようかな~”と色々試してみるには使いにくいものですが、いったんカタチが決まってしまえば構造計算も部品発注もまとめて面倒見てくれます。


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