July 1, 2007

Daniella with kimono

A Photo shoot with Daniella in her backyard.

I knew it red kimono looks great on her! I only wish I had better skill to put it on... took us while to figure it out. You have to leave some room at back of her neck, but the front shouldn't start opening up. A lot of tips you have to follow to make kimono look sexy. Danie
lla is a good model, but I wasn't a good photographer. I fell in love with her poses too often to keep going.

Then we went to see Ratatouille with Daniella still in her kimono. Laughed till I cried. I think I enjoyed the movie more, because David and Daniella have been hanging out around me with their pet rats. I keep finding little piles of snacks all over my room since the last time they came over.
(Photoshop works by Daniella)

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