July 24, 2007

Graduate Thesis

8/10 is the second to final pin-up for Graduate Thesis. I'm currently helping two. Ron and Sern Hong. The picture is Ron with his growing city. His proposal is freeway-like public spaces that transforms along the changes of a city. He is also taking the CATIA class I'm in. He has CATIA model of "a" freeway-like public space, and many (so many (too many (way too many))) inputs are translated as perimeters to configure multiple different results of public spaces. Interesting. If you happen to be a current grad thesis, and you have hundreds of triangle to glue or something, let me know.

Inspired by him, I'm thinking about a single family residence, or a structure system for small scale projects that fits into any given site. Yes Pre-Fab, but it's not a physical Pre-Fab. It's prefabbed in CATIA to skip Schematic Design and Design Document phase. I'm not saying ALL houses should get build with those short-cut method, but it is for... more like a business plan for small architecture offices that are afraid of jumping into BIM softwares. If I take this direction, the important thing is AFTER a configuration of CATIA model sits on a site. Customization and problem solving !

hmmm... I'm afraid it starts sound like Harold and Sky's INTERFACE, which also impressed me in terms of their point that NOTHING could be made to fit into EVERYTHING. Those kind of perfection just doesn't happen. They insisted that after the certain stage of pre-fabrication, it is architects' role to solve the rest of the problem with client, on site, case-by-case.

Here is another interesting thesis from Mid review, "C.S.H. 22.1". He took the same site and program with Case Study House #22 and presents another proposal with the consideration of current available technology, mainly automobile production. I heard he has already submitted the project to a competition. No wonder his presentation looked so complete.


Kristopher said...

Glad you enjoyed my project (CSH 22.1) . . . I look so serious in the photo. I will be building a fairly intricate tectonic model for the final that will require lots of gluing little plastic pieces together if you are interested in helping out.

Sukie said...

i see Ron...

YukiukiH said...


haha, I helped his thesis :)b