August 7, 2007

Furniture Prototype

A quick rendering of final summer project (for me) @UrbanRock. Jeanine is funded by Woodbury to make a full scale prototype of her idea. When it comes to producing something full scale, it's all about setting priorities. Use available materials /hardwares from HomeDepot? Call all over the country to purchase specific ones
? or Should I finish shop drawings first? In the beginning I was hesitant enough not to nail down a solution, but I guess if I don't start somewhere, I never get to the end. "This door could be this or that and this even that..." doesn't produce anything. After finishing the Rhino model with given dimension, I jumped onto Excel to make a hardware schedule. Now I'm ready to go hunting hardwares. Just want to bring everything in good position before semester begins, but unfortunately plan checkers won't give drawings back to me till the end of Aug. Internship during a semester is rough, yet I can't let go of two sets of construction documents till I see them stamped by the city of Los Angeles.

Followings are the project I worked on so far. My plan is to put together a 11x17 portfolio of all the drawings I produced over summer (and previous semester).

-(CD sets) Law office interior remodel
-(CD sets) Type5 /second floor addition

-(CD sets) Backyard

-(Proposal) Stapleton Poolhouse
-(Shop drawing) Furniture Prototype

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