August 20, 2007

Parametric Affect Final

Final for CATIA seminar is to come up with "A" facade system that coordinates with flat, single curve, and double curve surfaces. The condition is to let surface curves stay developable in order to produce laser-cut models.

Most likely my surface is not developable, but I found a way around. When I designed a instance, I controlled Perimeters to prevent instances from overlapping with center line (INPUT), which enabled me to make following models without glue...(except the places that started cracking). Since I was used to export *.iges from MAYA to RHINO for laser cutting, I was totally ready to clean up hundreds of mini lines to create profiles, but CATIA was great. *.iges from CATIA was clean and continuous.



vikarpeter said...

Hi Yuki,I see you're getting a real Catia expert;)..greetings from sunny Vienna! Keep in touch, P.

YukiukiH said...

hey peter, surprised to get a comment from you :) send me some pictures when your cocoon fabrication is finished.