August 8, 2007

Not Any More

My car got broken into again. Last time was radio. Stereo, jumper cable, and a case of 24 water bottles were gone this time. I can't come up with something more to take from my car except the car itself. It's hard enough to find a street parking around the place I live and it's not even safe, time to go back to biking habit.



早朝発見してただ、またか、と思いました。こういうことに慣れてしまうのも悲しい。慣れるわけがない。いつもと同じ朝食の準備の手順を間違い、いつも通りのシャワーの手順も狂った。コトを無意識に日常的にこなすのにはかなりの Peace of Mind が必要らしい。だから修行僧は毎日毎日水汲みや掃除、と同じ事を繰り返して悟りに到達するのだろうか。


1 comment:

daniella said...

eeek be careful yuki yuki...

i can come up with a booby trap for you, i have a couple plans..(twiddles fingers)