March 14, 2008

Lattice Explained

ファイナルプレゼンテーションまで後ちょうど一ヶ月弱。悠長なことは言っていられません。今やらないことはきっと明日もやらない。だって明日の今頃もきっと同じ事考えている... Line は結構気に入ったのが出来たので、polygon modeling 初挑戦します。

True meaning of discovery is not about finding something new, rather noticing things that have been there all the time. 

My thesis concept has been about extracting interesting conditions or events around the site and to systematically translate them into architecture. This is to seek a design procedure to create the type of architecture where individual’s discovery of the site becomes an integral part of architectural experience. The diagram explains the process where those found information are translated step by step.

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